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Why Smart?

When I got my new job in May 2018, the first thing I did was buy a new car…

It was top of the agenda. I first passed my test in January 2016 – slaying that parallel park – and my first car was a blue Ford Street KA, which I loved until it felt flimsy and like I was driving a toy.

Despite feeling exquisite in my convertible, I had bought a dodgy car. My wheel kept losing power, meaning every steer was heavy. I also had other little gremlins, and I just knew it was going to cost more than it was worth.

I went from a blue Street KA, to another blue Street KA, which I think I ended up breaking tbh, and then I left went to a Ford KA.

Now, you’ve seen a pattern, yeah? KA, KA, KA. I was sick of Ford. But I had always wanted a KA. And I loved my 2002 KA. It was black, not blue, and finally I had 4 seats. 4 seats.

I was working retail. It was a cheap car to have. But as my insurance was coming to renewal, and my insurance beginning to decrease, I realised the KA was going to cost more than a new car.

Come a stroke of luck, and I landed a new job. An actual career progression job. I was excited! But it was 45 minutes away from where I live, and I couldn’t be driving my 16 year old KA across the M4 every day. It was already close to 100,000 miles.

So the hunt was on for a new car.

Enter Smart.

Smart had caught my eye for a while. I remember being a young kid and saying I wanted to drive a Smart Fortwo when I was older. The only thing that stopped me getting a Smart when I passed my test was insurance costs.

By the time I passed, Smart had changed their style. They had a facelift, and looked a lot better for it. Courtney Cox take tips. Their ForFour was sexy now. Red and black was popping, and that had been a desire of mine for a few years.

It happened that a local delete was selling a 2015 Smart ForFour in red and silver. I could compromise on colour, considering I would be upgrading from a KA with a replaced stereo to connect my phone through USB, to a smart interface with a built in SatNav, Bluetooth and USB connection, and a car that was new and stylish.

It was so me!

I’m not a car person. I don’t know how fast they go. I don’t know what goes where, or how they’re built. I know nothing about them. All I know is that the Smart ForFour passion looks beautiful. It’s cute. It’s comfy. It’s Smart.

That’s why I chose Smart!

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