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Where to Next? Pembrokeshire, Carmarthen or Tenby…

As I sit with Dolly on my bed, the winter sunshine falling through the bedroom window, I’m thinking of somewhere to go for a short break.

It can be so tempting to get away from the mundane routines of normal life. Most of the time it doesn’t happen, but with time booked off from work in late March, I’m determined to make it happen.

I’d love to be one of those bloggers that say ‘let’s catch a flight to some far off country, where the sun always shines, and the money never runs out.’ But alas, I can’t say that. I have responsibilities; a job, a mortgage, cats. It ain’t that simple.

So, I’m going to go somewhere in my home country. I’ve been thinking, ‘what’s on my doorstep?’ Well, certainly not very much in Pontypool. But further afield? Yeah, there are plenty of choices!

But where should I go?

I can’t make my mind up between Carmarthen, Pembrokeshire or Tenby. I know it won’t be warm, so I can’t appreciate a seaside holiday with sun and beaches. But I’m thinking of restaurants, hotels, museums and historic landmarks.

And bookshops. Always bookshops.

I want to go somewhere new. Somewhere to explore. But somewhere relaxing.

Have you been to Tenby, Pembrokeshire or Carmarthen? Let me know! I’d love some recommendations, and I’d love some help on making up my mind!

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