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A Sick Day

Since winter came, so many people have been saying they’re ‘coming down with something’. Most of the time, I’ve been remarking on how lucky I’ve been this winter season. I’ve avoided being ill! I must be getting healthier! Must be all that water and gym going!

Yeah, I’ll never get ill.

Until yesterday. I made plans to go and see the new film, Escape Room, and I planned to write a review here. But all day yesterday I could feel a bug coming on – a dry throat, sniffing. Great.

Then, this morning, I woke up feeling weak, washed out, aching all over. Looks as though I’ve got a cold.

Which isn’t great.

I’ve called in sick to work today and felt incredibly guilty. Still feeling ill, I told work I should be well enough for work tomorrow – out of guilt, because I don’t think I will be! 😢

Why can’t we put our health first? I guess it’s because we feel apprehensive of taking liberty, feeling as though we’re letting others down by leaving them ‘in the lurch’.

All I’ve done today is sweat, drink orange juice and eat fruit. Oh, and try to get through You on Netflix.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings, and if I’ll be able to ignore my guilt and tell work I’m still ill.

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