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The Need to Podcast

Podcasting. It’s on the rise. It’s everywhere.

I never really took Podcasting seriously, until I visited America in 2016. At the last hotel I stayed at in California, we were there at the same time as a big podcast convention, with top names on the panels and loads of guests queuing up to meet their favourite podcasters.

It struck me as amazing that podcasting had a huge following, similar to the YouTubers. I can see the appeal. They’re great to listen to on commutes, when you’re relaxing, or wanting to find out more information about a chosen subject.

So I want to get in on the hype!

I have volunteered at radio stations, presenting my own show, and learning the trade. I work in broadcast media, albeit behind the scenes. I understand media and the form of podcasting.

But what can I talk about? I have no idea! Everyone I have asked doesn’t seem keen on getting in on the game with me. I did start a celebrity podcast recently, but that didn’t go anywhere – mainly because iTunes podcasting wouldn’t upload my new episodes.

I’d like to possible start a podcast on writing. As an author and writer, I feel like I’d enjoy talking about books, writing and the writing process. But, I don’t feel like I have the right expertise for such a thing. Why would anybody listen to me talk about writing and give writing advice? I’m a nobody. I’ve only got three books.

And so when I think like that, the main question is: why would anyone listen to me?

I know that may seem weird, considering I’ve started this blog, but there’s a difference to writing something into the world, than speaking and keeping a podcast going.

If you have any ideas, let me know! I would love to hear them.

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