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A Smart Way to Road Trip

What’s the best thing about a road trip?

To me, what excites me about a road trip is the sense of adventure, especially when it is to somewhere new.

You have to plan ahead for a road trip. You need to know where your final destination is – hopefully not as gory as the films – and know your ETA. Along the way, you may be planning to stop. There are usually plenty of service stations and cafes to stop at, and personally, I don’t plan where I’ll stop, I’ll just stop when I see a sign.

Then there’s the packing. If it’s just the weekend, you need to pack a weekend bag. Any longer, and you might need a suitcase.

Then there’s the music. You have to have the best playlist. You can’t go a road trip without music playing, and singing along. I like to have pop music playing wherever I go, but you might have a different musical preference, of course.

It helps to travel in a car that is comfortable. My vehicle for my road trip this weekend is my Smart car.

Seating four people, but with only two of us travelling, there is enough room in the back of my Smart for two bags, and a drone. I’ve packed my drone in the hopes of getting some great aerial videos over the weekend.

My phone is plugged directly into my Smart media system, and despite the system being glitchy, when it eventually plays my music it does the job well; good quality sound.

My built in sat-nav normally takes me to the right area, but never quite to the right place. That’s fine, though, because I have directions planned just in case. Or, Apple Maps gets me out of a bit of a situation.

But the Smart, with it’s comfortable leather seats, makes for a relaxing and enjoyable road trip ride.

Now, arrived at my destination, it’s time to prep for a weekend of exploring Wales. More soon!

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