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Your Guide to Laugharne, Carmarthenshire

Laugharne may not make the top lists for travel, but if you’re ever in Carmarthenshire, Wales, then it’s a place you should visit.

Laugharne has plenty to offer in regards of places to see and things to do.

Here’s your Guide to Laugharne.

Dylan Thomas Boat House

If you’re a fan of literature and poets, then the best place to go in Laugharne is Dylan Thomas’s Boat House. He spent four years of his late life in this boat house, overlooking the estuary. He lived with his wife and his children.

Dylan would leave his boat house and walk down the lane to his writing shed, where he composed some of his famous works. He would tour America, returning back to Laugharne.

Now, you can take a walk around his old home, reading hand written letters, learn about his life and see his living room. To end your visit, get yourself a bite to eat in the Dylan Thomas Tea Rooms, which serve food on the lower level, both indoor and out.

Dylan Thomas’s Grave – St. Martin’s Church

As your drive into Laugharne, you may have spotted St. Martin’s Church. It is here where Dylan Thomas, and his wife Caitlin, are buried. Surprisingly, the grave has not become a shrine. Instead, a white pristine cross marks where the poet lies. Shells are left on his grave.

Dylan Thomas lost his life in New York, but he was returned back to Laugharne on request of his family. It is where he eternally lays.

Brown’s Hotel

Brown’s Hotel serves food after 6pm, and is in the centre of Laugharne. It features a local spirit, and has a car park around the back, if you’re travelling to Laugharne by car.

Brown’s is also known as Dylan Thomas’s favourite bar, when he was alive.

Enter Brown’s, which is also a hotel, and you will find Dylan’s bar. Photographs of him hang on the walls. Him and his wife have even been super imposed into one photo, adding a nice touch.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the food, as I went before they were serving. But Brown’s may be the ideal place to stay and dine whilst you’re in Laugharne.

Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle is now only a ruin, but it is worth a visit. Inside, you can learn the history of what Laugharne castle used to be, and what the town used to be like.

Climb the tower, in tact, to get a view over the small town of Laugharne.

Inside the castle is a room that Dylan Thomas used when he lived in Laugharne. He spent some of his time in the guest house, where he composed some of his work.

A visit to Laugharne is heavily influenced by the famous poet, but there is enough to see and do there regardless if you’re a fan of Thomas.

Walking away from the castle, you find yourself in the small town centre, where pubs and bars offer food and dining. The small seaside town has survived due to its tourist attraction and quaint Welsh appeal.

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