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A Visit to Laugharne Castle

Laugharne Castle is now just a ruin, but back in its heyday, it was important for the trade in Laugharne’s town centre.

The castle dates from 1116, and was part of the Norman chain of castles that stretched the Welsh coast.

The castle faced many challenges during its time of inhabitation. It was not safe from Welsh chieftains, and was regularly under attack.

The castle changed hands many times, due to capture. It was built up to its rugged stature in the Tudor period, but Tudor life in the castle was short lived. During a siege in the Civil War, the castle was captured one last time, and then found itself dismantled, never to be occupied again.

What is there to see now?

Well, now, Laugharne castle is just a ruin. When you walk into Laugharne, you are greeted with foundations of weatherbeaten walls. There is information included in the castle, informing visitors of what the castle used to be.

However, one of the castle’s towers still remains. You can climb the stairs and climb the tower, finding yourself at the top. This is worth doing, as you are greeted with wide views of the Taf estuary, as well as Laugharne’s town centre.

The Taf estuary was a view shared by Dylan Thomas, who also spent some of his time at the castle.

The room, which is a circular room overlooking the estuary, is where Dylan wrote A Poem in October.

After a visit to Laugharne Castle, owned by Cadw, you can take a walk into Laugharne town and enjoy the local food that’s on offer.

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