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Natural Wonders: Saklikent Gorge

When in Fethiye, Turkey, why not visit Saklikent Gorge?

The word ‘Saklikent’ means hidden city in Turkish. In the Muğla province, about 50km from Fethiye, sits in the natural beauty of the gorge. At 18km long and 300m deep, the gorge is one of the deepest canyons in the world.

It was opened as a national park in 1996, and is a popular tourist attraction. A small fee permits you into the park, but before you go into the gorge you might be interested in participating in water rafting or treetop adventures.

Before you go into the gorge, you can either rent or buy safety shoes. These shoes are so you are able to go into the gorge and the water. The water current is strong, so it’s not recommended you walk in wearing flip flops.

To head to the gorge, you walk along a man made bridge, built into the gorge’s rock. Underneath you is the rushing water, crystal blue in colour.

At the gorge, you can admire natural waterfalls that run down the mountain. The water is freezing cold, so the initial feeling is one that can feel quite uncomfortable. However, you soon get used to the chill.

The floor underneath the water is quite uneven, and very stony. You’ll be glad you hired shoes, although you’ll probably get pebbles in them. To walk into the gorge, you can support yourself on a rather flimsy rope, to get inside the canyon itself.

Once inside the canyon, admire the grand scale of the rock formations formed over centuries of water running from the tops of the mountains. The best time to go to Saklikent Gorge is probably from April onwards. Turkey has snow during the winter, and so the gorge usually closes, due to the height of the water. If you’re unlucky and visit when it rains in Turkey, the gorge may still be inaccessible, due to safety reasons.

Take your time in the canyon if you can and explore safely and at your own leisurely pace. It really is a wonderful site to admire.

The gorge is close to the Ancient City of Tlos. If you can, I would recommend going to visit Tlos, either before or after your visit to the gorge.

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