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Appreciating the doorstep: Countryside Running

Yesterday, after work, I decided to go for a run on a pathway that takes me past local history, along with sweeping views of the Welsh mountain.

It’s funny. As a travel enthusiast, I’m always looking for places to escape to. But whilst catching my breath after my run, I realised that sometimes it’s good to take a step back and appreciate what is so close to home.

This rural walk takes you by a folly tower, built by a wealthy family, and towards an old summer house, built by the same family. The view from the top of these mountains gives you views over life in Wales, and you can even see as far as the Bristol Channel.

Unfortunately, the places of historical interest along this running route aren’t open to the public. They only open on special occasions, such as bank holidays.

So for now, I will keep visiting this route for my running, to work on burning calories and keeping myself in shape.

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