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Back To Hogwarts: The Boy Wizard Shop

September 1st. The day students go back to Hogwarts.

So whilst my Hogwarts letter never arrived, and I won’t be heading to Kings Cross station, though I will try, I went shopping at The Boy Wizard in Edinburgh airport.

When you first walk in, you’re greeted with glowing orange lights that give you that very homey and cosy feel. They symbolise the candles that burn in the great hall, and they illuminate the rows of wands and books that are on sale.

The reason for The Boy Wizard being a shop dedicated to Harry Potter in Edinburgh airport is the fact that J.K. Rowling is from, and wrote, and lives in Edinburgh. The whole city of Edinburgh was an influence of the Harry Potter novels. There’s even a hotel that J.K. Rowling wrote the last Harry Potter book. More on that on this page soon!

Once you take in the vast collection of Harry Potter merchandise, it’s time to properly look around. Buy yourself a knitted Hogwarts house jumper. I own the Hufflepuff jumper, and I can assure you it’s very comfortable!

After that, browse the books. Channel your inner Hermione, and pick up a hardback copy of your favourite novel, or simply go with a paperback. You can even choose some bookmarks.

I decided to buy the 20th edition Hufflepuff copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban. Because trust me, it’s hard not to buy something.

Later, sample the wand collections on display. Practice your swish and flick, or simply let the wand choose you. If wands aren’t what you’re after, what about a cauldron mug?

Something for the kids? There are plenty of cosy and cute plush toys to get your hands on. Take your pick of Hedwig, Crookshanks, Bowtruckles or even in the Niffler.

I mean, how can you resist the Niffler?!

Take your time in The Boy Wizard shop. Take it in, maybe even watch some of the Harry Potter film, which plays on a screen at the top of the store.

The Boy Wizard really makes your airport experience magical.

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  1. I saw this shop on Youtube yesterday and hope they can ship to my island of Malta. Alot of shops won’t such as the Platform 9 3/4 shop and the Universal stores but thank heavens for Amazon and Ebay.
    Elizabeth Hair from Malta

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