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The World’s First Chihuahua Cafe

Just off Edinburgh’s Prince’s Street is the World’s First Chihuahua Cafe.

That’s right. Enter a cafe, order a coffee, get a cake to eat, and enjoy it all whilst chihuahuas wander around or jump up onto your lap.

The cafe, on Frederick Street, houses 8 of the cutest dogs on earth. Of course, the dogs don’t stay on site over night, or are unsupervised. They are all owned by the owner of the cafe, who gets to enjoy their companionship 24/7 a day. Her love for chihuahuas gave her the idea for her quirky business.

I discovered the cafe by chance. My accommodation was in New Town, and the street I followed to get to Princes Street, towards Old Town, was the same street that took me past this cafe. Otherwise, I may never have known about it!

As soon as I saw the sign, I knew I needed to visit. I’m not a dog person. I’m actually a little bit afraid of them. I have had cats my whole life, and I have two cats now. But chihuahuas are small, cute, and owned by Paris Hilton. So they have to be lovely, don’t they? And they are!

I arrived at the cafe the day after first spotting it, and I asked if there was room. Thankfully, there was space to book online, so I booked for an hour later, and wandered around Edinburgh to kill some time.

When I arrived, and went inside the cafe, I read about Faery and Elsa. I was amused that Elsa jumps on already occupied laps. I turned around to all of a sudden see small chihuahuas heading towards the small party inside the cafe. I knew in that moment I had made the right choice to visit!

Immediately, Faery came to visit. She jumped up on my lap and leaned against me. From reading the information boards, Faery liked fuss, so I made sure I gave her some attention.

All of a sudden, a ginger fluff ball comes flying in my direction. This was Hepburn, and I’m pretty sure she pushed Faery out of her space.

I had already read about Elsa being socially awkward and jumping into an occupied lap, so she had joined me just before Hepburn came crashing into the party. This meant that I had Hepburn and Elsa lying on me, and I loved every second of it!

As I waited for my order of coffee and cake – online you can book this as a package, or simply book tickets and order whilst you’re there – I talked to the people who worked at the cafes, and learned about the particular quirks of each doggy character.

The concept of animal cafe’s aren’t new. Edinburgh has a cat cafe, one that I visited on my last adventure to the Scottish capital. I’ve also been to cat cafes in London. But this was my first visit to a dog cafe, and to the chihuahuas.

I also got to see Duchess. Duchess is a shy dog, who likes to be introduced to people last. Duchess will stare at you to work out if she likes you, but also to work out if she trusts you.

Near the end of my 50 minute visit, after spending most of the time lounging by the window, Cleopatra came to join us. She slept between me and my boyfriend, absorbing our heat.

It was great to see how loved the chihuahuas are. They clearly see the cafe as their second home, and they aren’t there just for entertainment. There are rules to follow, and if you don’t, the chihuahuas will let you know! (I’m looking at you random woman who tried to walk in from off the street.)

Visiting the chihuahua cafe actually made me want to get my own chihuahua. My only worry would be if it would get along with my two cats!

I would recommend a stop at the chihuahua cafe if you’re in both Old Town or New Town Edinburgh. You won’t regret it!

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