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The Balmoral Hotel: Where J.K. Rowling wrote Deathly Hallows

Situated on Princes Street in Edinburgh, balanced between both old town and new, is The Balmoral Hotel.

The luxury hotel was opened in 1902. In the heart of Edinburgh, it has a stunning view of the castle on the rock, and the architecture is mesmerising, fitting in well with the style of Edinburgh.

Walk in through the doors that make you feel like you’re in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, saying hello to the doorman as you do so, and you are immediately greeted with a classy yet contemporary lobby, cementing the fact that you are now in luxury.

Either take a lift to your room, or simply walk the sweeping grand staircases, wide enough to let two women in Victorian dresses to pass each other without having their dresses touch. Admire the stain-glass windows, and take in the classic wallpaper that looks like it belongs on a family tree in a wealthy country estate.

The cheapest rooms will set you back around £340 per night, and they soon creep up in price. It’s definitely a hotel to stay at if you’re looking for luxury, but maybe not the place to stay whilst on a budget travelling Scotland.

What makes the hotel special, however, is the J.K. Rowling suite.

Room 552 has a purple door. It stands out, as the other doors are white. The brass knocked on the door is an owl, and a plaque on the door labels this room as ‘The J.K. Rowling Suite’.

The J.K. Rowling Suite is the room where the author finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. On the day she finished, she wrote that she had finished writing Deathly Hallows in that room on a bust of Hermes. The statue is still in the room, protected in a glass case. Instead of the hotel being angry at the author, they embraced it, celebrating her stay.

But any Potter fan hoping to spend the night where Rowling finished writing the final book in the series will need to have some savings. Per night, the room costs £1,700+.

I didn’t stay at The Balmoral Hotel for long. I went in to see where the suite was. But in my short time there, I know that this would be a lovely place to stay.

I either need to save up a lot of money, or splash out in a £300 room. Until next time, Balmoral!

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