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The Ancient City of Tlos

In Turkey, near Fethiye, is the ancient city of Tlos.

Tlos is now a ruin, but it was once inhabited by the Lycians, as well as Romans and Ottoman Turks. It was one of the few Lycian cities to be inhabited until the 19th century.

It once belonged to a castle, or fortress, at the top of the hill. The architecture can be credited to the Lycians and Romans.

From the castle, you are able to view the ‘city’, now just ruins. The site of Tlos includes the ruins of a Roman amphitheater, stadium seats, the remains of a church and Roman baths.

The tombs built into the rock would have been used as burial sites for notable people. It was believed that bodies buried in the rock were closer to heaven, and therefore their spirits would be found and become saints.

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