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Tattoos Abroad: The Story of my Turkish Tattoo

Back in 2017, I was on holiday in Altinkum, Turkey.

I had gone to Turkey with the family, and we were meeting my sister over there, as she had moved to Australia. Being close to my siblings, we had been talking about a ‘sibling tattoo’; something that we all had a common interest in, and one that would link us. We just couldn’t decide on what to have!

Queue Altinkum, and a year of not seeing our eldest sister. We decided to have a ‘sibling night’, a sort of tradition the three of us had going before one flew off to emigrate. Whilst out on the town in Altinkum, drinking and dancing at The Swan Bar, we spotted a tattoo parlour open into the early hours just across the road.

I know what you’re thinking. Disaster, right? Drunk British people abroad thinking they’re clever and getting tattoos, ones they’ll regret in the morning.

Well, a few drinks in, I did worry we might regret those tattoos!

‘What if we get a tattoo? Right here, right now.’ One of my sisters said.

‘What would it be of?’

After much talking, throwing about Harry Potter ideas, we decided on this: the Turkish crescent moon, to represent family holidays in Turkey. Followed by stars. Only one star would represent the eldest sibling, two stars the middle, and three the youngest.

The tattoo parlour looked very professional. This wasn’t some corner shop that didn’t take health and safety seriously. This was a trendy, clean place, and one that looked very inviting. I promise it had nothing to do with the topless muscly Turkish man!

We went in, and watched someone else get tattooed, making sure the needles were cleaned etc. Which they were!

We went in order. The eldest first, followed by the middle, and then me. Normally, when I have tattoos, I shake, but the Dutch courage from multiple Jack Daniels kept me steady.

The next morning, I woke up with no regrets, and I love my Turkish tattoo!

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