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Visit Wales: Castell Coch

Towering above the small Cardiff village of Tongwynlais, is Castell Coch, a 19th-century Gothic revival castle.

It’s thought that a castle did sit on the site of where the existing castle is back in the Normal period, but by the time the Bute family got their hands on the castle, it was a ruin.

The Bute family were not kings or queens. They were Lord’s and Ladies, and they built the castle to replicate an idyllic royal abode.

Such was the wealth of the Bute family, that the castle was built for ‘occasional occupation’ in the summer months.

Now, the castle is open to the public. It’s been nicknamed the ‘fairytale’ castle, because of its position in the middle of a forest, and positioned above the town. From the outside, twirling turrets make the castle look romantic.

Inside, the castle is quite small. You walk into a circular courtyard, and you have access to bedrooms, kitchens and a drawing room.

The ceiling in the drawing room draws a lot of appeal. The beautiful art on the ceiling is mesmerising to look at.

Follow the curving steps from the drawing room, and find yourself inside Lady Bute’s bedroom, a large room with a wonderful view of Cardiff.

Let’s also not forget that once outside, you have acres of forest, which you are free to explore. There is also a walking route on offer.

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