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The Edinburgh Cat Cafe

Situated in Edinburgh, just around the corner from a view of Edinburgh castle, is Maison de Moggy.

On West Port street is a cafe serving coffees, teas, cakes and delicious caramel slices. It’s also home to 12 gorgeous cats.

Edinburgh’s first cat cafe is extremely popular. With personalities from Maine coon Pauline, and Elodie the Sphynx, it’s no wonder that this cafe has become a tourist favourite.

I booked my visit in advance, on my first trip to Edinburgh, as I didn’t want to miss out on tea with cats. I did see people arrive on the day, but it is a chance you have to take, as you may not be able to get in.

I visited the cafe after seeing many of Edinburgh’s sites. It was the perfect place to visit before heading to the airport, and leaving Edinburgh behind.

We stayed for two hours, seeing one group leave and another appear. It gave us enough time to bond with the cats, who are very much in charge.

The star of the cafe is definitely Elodie, who has her own Instagram account, and is very much the cheeky diva. She’s even been known to climb on people’s shoulders, although I wasn’t so lucky!

As a cat person, it really was a dream to be in the cafe. At one point, everyone was sat on the floor, shoes off, in a circle, watching the cats walk in the middle, strutting their stuff, and using puzzle feeders to get some treats.

We were told the puzzle feeders are used to stimulate the cats, who obviously don’t go outdoors.

Every cat seems at home here, and it really is a great place to visit!

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