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Pumpkin Patches in Wales

Pumpkin Picking Patches in Wales seem unusual. They are usually found in America, where the sun shines on autumnal days.

In the UK, it’s usually pouring down with rain, and pumpkins are sold in the sterile environments of supermarkets.

Little did I know that the UK has taken on pumpkin picking patches, too, and that there are a few options nearby.

Where to pumpkin pick in Wales.

Back home, and after a little searching, I came across Pumpkin Picking Patch, a company that have patches in different areas of the UK, including Cardiff. Entry to the Cardiff location is free. Put CF5 6SF in your Sat Nav, and off you go. I drove down and headed to the patch on a sunny day, and the last weekend date until Halloween.

We arrived at the field, and despite the day being dry and mild, the field was extremely muddy. I was not dressed for the occasion, and risked ruining my Harry Potter vans to traipse through the fields to find the perfect pumpkin, as a result, those shoes needed major cleaning!

We came across one pumpkin, pointed out by James, and we took it. We immediately realised that carrying a pumpkin by hand would get extremely tiresome. After naming her Jasmine, I realised that Jasmine was very heavy. So we went searching for a wheelbarrow. Eventually, we found one, discarded and containing one solitary pumpkin, who we also adopted and called Daphne.

Due to sharing a home together, Jasmine and Daphne got on like a house on fire. Daphne likes horror movies, and Jasmine’s favourite film is Titanic.

Yes, I have backstories to my naked pumpkins.

After walking around a little longer, it was time to leave. We left with Jasmine and Daphne, and I can’t wait to decorate them, ready for my Halloween party! What am I dressing up as? Well, that’s something for the weekend!

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