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The Most Photographed Place in Warwick

Warwick is a market town close to the River Avon in England, UK, and has a very prevalent medieval image.

This Shakespearian town is home to a shire hall, a cathedral and a castle. Much of the town was destroyed in The Great Fire of Warwick in 1694, but timber framed buildings survived near the edges of the town.

One of those buildings is the Lord Leycester Hospital, which is the most photographed place in Warwick.

It is a good example of preserved medieval structures. The foundations on the site has stood for almost 900 years, and is a Grade 1 listed building, and over time little parts of the building were added, to give us what we see today.

Today, the hospital is run by the Master, a retired armed forces officer. Eight ex-servicemen and their wives are provided with flats, and act as tour guides. Inside, you can find all sorts of history, including gardens and an Egyptian urn, which is over 2,000 years old.

It’s no wonder that people stop to admire the building. Just take a walk up the high street and admire many of the old buildings, which look quaint and cosy. Yet the hospital stands out more than others. Situated right next to the arch tunnel, it really is an impressive sight.

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