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Unbelievable USA: The Grand Canyon

Unbelievable USA: The Grand Canyon. It’s one of those places that you have to go to. This is Unbelievable America.

What is The Grand Canyon?

In Arizona, the Grand Canyon is in the Grand Canyon National Park. It is a natural wonder of the world. What you see today, rock and mountain carvings, have been shaped by two billion years of geological history.

It is thought that the Colorado River cut through most of the rock, creating the colour and the formations you see today. There has also been evidence of Native American people, who no doubt came across the the wonder and couldn’t believe their eyes.

On average, five million people visit the canyon every year. It’s no wonder.

When you arrive.

Upon arrival to the national park, I came across this deer. At first, I thought it might be fake, but as it turned its unbothered head towards me, I realised it was very much a living thing!

Other wildlife that can be found in the national park include coyotes and mountain lions!

Colours of red, orange, beige and brown made this place a sight to behold. As I drove around the canyon points, taking a break in car parks to explore different areas and get different views, I felt as though I could just reach out and take away a movie set.

I boarded a helicopter and took a ride over the canyon, with a great guide. I sat in the front, seeing the canyon beneath my feet. It was definitely a great way to see the place!

Consequently, I plan to go back, and when I do go back, I’m hoping to walk into the canyon, taking some of the hiking routes.

Responsible travel.

Of course, you have to be responsible whilst exploring the canyon. There’s nothing stopping you from walking out onto the rocks, walking to the edge to look over the drop below. As a result, there have been many fatalities at the canyon, and tragic accidents. Make sure you know the limits, and don’t be silly whilst on the rock face!

You should definitely spend the day at the Grand Canyon. There is enough to see when you arrive. You can walk around the viewing point, before hopping on a bus or getting in your car to drive to the other viewing points around the perimeter. Each places offers something new. There’s even an old fortress to go and explore!

And of course, there are plenty of places nearby to get a bite to eat or enjoy a coffee or drink.

A truly mesmerising experience!

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