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The Safest Destinations for LGBTQ+ Travellers

Following my post yesterday, on the worst places to visit as an LGBTQ+ traveller, today I’ll look at the top 20 safest places to visit. Here are the safest destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers.

If you read my post yesterday, you would see that these results are taken from Asher & Lyric. It’s important to make sure that you do your own research when picking a place to travel to, and decide wisely on where is best to go.

Asher & Lyric ran a poll, and also researched destinations, and created a ‘Danger Index’. They took factors such as laws to discrimination to LGBTQ+ people, as well as rights for LGBTQ+ people.

Let’s look at the positive findings, and the top 20 places where it’s safe to visit!

Coming in at first place was Nordic Norway. The Scandinavian country is the safest place to travel and live as an LGBTQ+ person.

Second place was Portugal, where the sun shines and so do the gays. Furthermore, Belgium was third.

Coming in to fourth was the United Kingdom. Fifth place was Finland, where Helsinki pride is a big attraction. France was sixth. Canada seventh. Spain was eighth.

Sweden was number nine, and Malta tenth.

At number eleven was New Zealand. The Netherlands were twelfth. Denmark number thirteen.

Maybe surprising to some, but South Africa came in at number fourteen. Ireland were at fifteen. Australia was sixteenth.

Uruguay came in at seventeen, and Iceland was eighteen. Rounding up the final two in the 20, Colombia was nineteen, whereas Austria came in to number twenty.

Wondering where America was? Well, it was number twenty-four. The research done discovered that some schools refuse to educate on LGBTQ+ rights.

Have you been to any of these countries? Let me know!

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