Greta Thunberg is a Time Traveller: and Here’s Why

I’ve started a viral conspiracy theory. And I’m ecstatic about that.

I love a conspiracy. The more ridiculous the better. And Greta Thunberg being a time traveller is definitely on the more ridiculous side.


Basically, an old photo from 1898 was discovered in archives in the University of Washington. It shows young kids working Canada’s Yukon Territory. A young child in the photo looks remarkably like Greta Thunberg.

Enter my conspiracy.

So, I started it. Let’s be honest. One or two small media outlets wrote about the photo, but I brought the conspiracy into it. At least, I gave it worldwide traction. My tweet and theory has been quoted and included in Indy100, The Daily Mail, Insider, Australia, The Independent, Huffington Post, People and the New York Post directly quoted me.

The tweet also appeared in Spain, Netherlands and Russia.

In theory, I’ve started a brand new conspiracy. That activist Greta Thunberg is from the future. It shouldn’t need explaining, but judging by the replies I’ve had, I should briefly explain this: yes, the photo shows Greta in the past. So how is she from the future if this is a photo from the past? Well, clearly, she travelled back to 1898 to try and stop climate change before it was too late. But something must have not gone to plan, which is why she’s here. She’s obviously from the future, because she knows what is coming. She knows how the world is impacted. Suddenly, that speech about her future being stolen has a different meaning, doesn’t it?

Here’s my theory on why she’s a time traveller.

The dates

This photo is from 120 years ago, which is 1898. The child is mining for gold, presumably. You may wonder what the significance is with this date. Well, time travelling Greta, from the future, saw the affects of a warming earth and a plastic polluted country. And guess what? American living Leo Hendrik Baekeland creates the first plastic based product. Plastic is in the world, and time travelling Greta is here to cut it off at the source.

Mining for gold

It’s thought that the children in the photos are mining for gold. Who knows? Maybe gold was the answer. Maybe Greta thought gold could save us. But something went wrong. Clearly, she didn’t kill the inventor of plastic. And gold turned out to be something valuable. So she had to move on somewhere new. Ahem, 2019.

She doesn’t fly.

Greta Thunberg hates flying. She’s told us it’s because of the emissions it gives out, polluting the earth. The first plane flew in 1903. Maybe Greta hoped to stop them flying, but it got out of hand.

She came from nowhere.

Okay, so this isn’t really a theory. But isn’t it wonderful how all of a sudden Greta appears in the public eye? One day we woke up, and there was Greta. Almost as if she flew into our space time continuum.

Time travel is good for the environment.

Time travel clearly doesn’t affect the environment, otherwise Greta wouldn’t travel.

The famous speech.

When Greta Thunberg got on stage and gave her passionate speech to world leaders, she talked about how her future had been stolen. And now that makes complete sense. The future is ruined, and Greta would know it. After all, the reason she has time travelled back here is because she’s here to save us.

We all have time to help the environment and planet. It’s time we listened and took action.

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