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The Red House – St Fagans Museum

St Fagans is Wales’s Museum of Welsh Life. With free entry, and a £5 parking fee, it’s a good day out experiencing and learning Welsh culture.

St Fagans is home to many different attractions. As a museum of Welsh life, many buildings from across Wales are dismantled and rebuilt in their full attire, so members of the public can revisit a place that might have meant something to them, their parents, or their parents parents. It’s also a way to see how Wales lived centuries ago, with homes from centuries long gone, as well as chapels, churches and school classrooms.

Whilst I will aim to write a comprehensive guide to St Fagans soon, this blog post is about arguably St Fagans most notable and famous building: The Red Farmhouse, also known as Kennixton Farmhouse.

It was built over three periods. The first building is dated from 1610. It had a single room dwelling on the ground floor, and a bedroom above. In 1680, a kitchen was added, its purpose to be the main living space. Finally, around 1750, a back kitchen was added. There was also another room above. The floors above are spacious bedrooms.

The red building comes from Glamorgan originally, and was reconstructed in St Fagans in 1952. It didn’t open to the public until 1955.

Why was it painted red?

Well, it’s thought the red colour was used to ward off evil spirits that might try and enter the house, and trouble the inhabitants. Berries on the rowan tree in the garden we’re also thought to keep spirits at bay, as well as carved figures just inside the front door.

What is St Fagans?

St Fagans is the museum of Welsh life, situated in Cardiff. It features buildings, rebuilt, from all different parts of Wales, and is an open air, immersive museum. You can read a brief history of St Fagans here.

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