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The 2019 of Jack Runs The World

Well, here we are my friends. It’s almost 2020. It’s the last day of 2019, and what a strange year it has been. Politics aside, 2019 is a year that won’t be forgotten any time soon. I’ve personally felt like 2019 is the year where I’ve settled into my job, become more comfortable with myself, and of course, travelled as much as possible!

It’s also been a great year for this blog and my Instagram. I started blogging and Instagramming my travels in July this year, after thinking about it for a year or two. I’ve blogged a lot in the past, but never really found my niche. Now, with travel, I feel like I’ve found it, and I’m excited to keep writing about it and bringing travel content out into 2020.

So, to celebrate the end of 2019, I thought I would write a round up of where 2019 has taken me, before looking towards 2020, and letting you know what I hope to have in store for this blog of mine.

2019: The travels…

Countries visited: 7

Anywhere new? Yes, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, Rhodes and Portugal!

How many flights? 12.

Where to? This year, I visited Turkey, Portugal, Rhodes, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, as well as Warwick in England.

Favourite place?

One of my favourite places this year was Edinburgh, Scotland. Both times I went it was rather windy and chilly, especially at the beginning of the year, when it was dusted with snow. But the sweeping architecture is like walking through a history book, and with so many alleyways to explore and beautiful buildings to admire, Edinburgh really appealed to me. As a Harry Potter fan, there was a lot to see. With an interest in history, a visit to the castle is a must. And as an animal lover, both the Edinburgh cat cafe and chihuahua cafe really ticked those boxes.

The one that got away…

This year, I discovered Fethiye in Turkey. I’ve been to Turkey multiple times, but this year the family and I decided to try somewhere new. I’m glad we did, as we had a great time in a location that was lusciously green, and so close to the sea, with gorgeous mountains around us. I would definitely visit this place again, as it was central enough to be able to go and visit a lot of Turkish attractions. It’s even close to Rhodes, which is why during my stay in Fethiye, I decided to sail over to Rhodes and explore Old Town. Check out my guide for the best things to do in Fethiye, Turkey.

The plan for 2020…

Of course, the plan for 2020 is to travel more. There are plenty of places I’d love to go and visit, which includes Japan, Bali, Thailand, South Africa, Europe and other states of America. Of course, I can’t do all of that in 2020 with my day job, so like I did this year, I’ll hopefully be intermingling travels abroad with travels in the United Kingdom.

So far, I have travels planned in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and California, Nevada and Utah. I’m thinking of Bali, but it all depends on leave with work. I may even try and visit the Lake District.

The podcast.

I’m thinking of launching a podcast in 2020, related to travel. I’d like to interview people on their travels, and talk about locations and what to do in those locations. The podcast will be under the same name as my blog, and hopefully there will be people interested enough to listen.

Marketing Jack Runs The World

In 2020, I’d like to monetise some of my content. I’d like to be able to write for publications – and get paid – as well as working with brands in partnership. I’d like to make money through my blog, Instagram and video content. I’d like to set the foundations for the beginning of a ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle. And who knows? Maybe one day I can travel full time!

Writing my novels, recording an album.

In 2020, I’ll continue writing my Jordan Jenner Mystery series, which features a gay male private investigator solving murders in Cardiff. The first two books are available on Amazon, and can be found by following these links: Murder on the Rocks and The Art of Murder. I’m also hopefully going to fulfil my childhood dream of recording a pop album. Stay tuned for some pop tunes from little old me!

Finally, thanks to you the readers for being here on my blog, for being interested in my content, and for sticking with me. Here’s to 2020! Let me know what sort of content you’d like to see on my blog and my Instagram in the comments below!

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