Australia’s Burning: Here’s Where to Donate

This image is haunting. As a Kangaroo runs alone, breathing in toxic fumes, scared and trapped, people’s livelihoods burn to a crisp. Australia is on fire, and we need to act.

A number floating around estimates that almost half a billion animals have died in the blazes sweeping the country. Animals may be close to extinction. Another number suggests that 24 people have died. Natural beauty, homes and the country are being ruined, destroyed, and burning before our very eyes. As climate change continues, this will be a reoccurrence.

But what can we do?

We must donate. We have to. If we’re not in Australia, that’s all we can do. As we watch a country burn, we have to fund those fighting to save wildlife, combat the fires, and tend to those who need help.

How do we donate?

There are many places you can donate, all of them just as important as the others.

Many have set up websites, where you can pay a donation, and help.

The NSW Rural Fire Service will accept donations, and you can either donate to the whole service or individual brigades. Donate here.

Queensland Fire and Rescue are accepting donations for communities.

Volunteers are putting their lives on the line to help, including volunteers at the Country Fire Service in South Australia. To donate, click here.

The Country Fire association are accepting donations for their firefighters in Victoria. Click here to donate.

Animals are on the brink of extinction. Dehydrated, confused, lost and getting stuck as they try and flee the flames, we have tragically lost many animals in Australia, including Koalas and Kangaroos. Many animal charities rely on donations all year round, but they especially need your help now as they are inundated with patients.

The NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service is accepting donations. Click this link. I donated to this charity, and it was an easy PayPal donation.

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital desperately needs your donations. Donate here!

The Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre need your help. Click the link donate!

Donate to Wildlife Victoria here.

The Red Cross AU are also accepting donations, and whilst donating items are vital, they would also benefit from money donations. Click here.

Many other charities in Australia are seeking your donations, such as Salvation Army. Take a look at where you could donate to help!

What if I don’t have money?

Every little helps! Wait for payday, because even if the fires stop, work continues to restore the habitat and country. Donate anything. 50p, a £1. Every little helps. If everyone thought ‘my £1 wouldn’t do a thing’, then these places would fold. Donate. It’s all we can do.

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