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Your Guide to Tavira: What to do in Tavira

Your Guide to Tavira, the town in the Algarve that seems to have a sleepy charm. A possibly overlooked tourist destination, Tavira is an half an hour ride away from Faro airport, and is close to the coast. But you might be thinking, what to do in Tavira?

Everyone goes to The Algarve for the beaches, coasts and cliff faces. Over four million people visit The Algarve each year, looking for beaches, heat and sea caves.

But if you’re looking for what to do, your guide to Tavira is right here.

What to do in Tavira?

Your Guide to Santa Maria do Castelo.

The cosy town of Tavira has enough to see and do if you were to spend a bit of time there, including a visit to Santa Maria do Castelo. Translated to Church of Saint Mary of the Castle, the church was built in the 13th century, but later rebuilt after an earthquake in 1755.

The church features an unusually large clock face on the side, and for €2 you can walk into the church and climb to the bell tower. One chapel inside the church contains the tombs of seven knights, who died when Tavira was captured.

Your Guide to Tavira Castle

History follows Tavira, and a short stones throw away from Santa Maria do Castelo is Tavira Castle, locally known as Castelo de Tavira. A partially ruined fortress, the castle of Tavira is in the middle of the fishing town, and offers sights to the water.

The stairs in Tavira Castle

Climb the Tavira stairs, and you can take in what Tavira has to offer. Look over flat rooftops and white buildings, as the sun shine and a breeze plays over your skin. Take a moment here to pause, to reflect, and to think about just how secretive Tavira can be.

Your Guide to Ilha De Tavira

The beach front

Daily ferries for just €2 take you away from Tavira, and to the beach, which stretches far. The beach offers old fishing huts, as well as an anchor graveyard, in memory to the fishermen and their families who once lived on the island when the fishing trade was large and rewarding.

Of course, if you’re looking for a beach getaway, Tavira offers that. There is plenty of room on this beach. In fact, there are miles.

You’re always able to find somewhere private to enjoy the sun, listen to the waves, and forget about any troubles. Hopefully!

Ponte Romana

Your Guide to Ponte Romana

This is described as the roman bridge, but the bridge linking Tavira to the other side actually isn’t made by the romans. The original bridge was replaced with a sturdier structure, and it is now pedestrianised. It stands above the River Gilão, and there are many benches to sit on and watch the world go by.

The bridge even has some locks attached to it, so if you’re the romantic kind, get a lock with your lovers initials etched and leave it behind.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to see and do in Tavira. You could even travel out of Tavira, if you have the time, and visit some nearby towns. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, particularly those offering seafood. And if you’re looking for somewhere to go in the winter, Tavira should be top of your list!

Where are you thinking of going to next?

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