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How to Travel in the Summer

We’re all asking how to travel in the summer, and you would be forgiven for hoping that travel is possible come July.

But for us in the UK, and probably a lot of other countries, the hope a bustling summer travel season will now have burnt out. Where can we travel, and when?

So how to travel in the summer, then? Well, the answer is simply this: international travel is a no. It just won’t be happening, and the idea that you will be able to travel internationally this year is slowly slipping away. It’s looking very likely that countries will not be opening again until next year, or possibly until a vaccination is found.

Can we travel?

Well, the certainty of travel is a little hazy right now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Yet that light can be put out at any time. How to travel in the summer is a question we may be asking for a while. UK government hope that come July, things will be reopening again, but social distancing will continue. Our health secretary has said that it is unlikely ‘big, lavish, international holidays’ will be allowed this summer.

No travel at all?

Well, that might not be the case. Australia, with a very low number of Covid-19 cases, are locking everyone else out, but soon residents will be able to travel around Australia. Someone from Perth will be allowed to visit Sydney, for example. There is even talk that New Zealand will allow entry from Australia, and vice-versa. Therefore, it’s possible that here in the United Kingdom, we will be able to travel around the UK. If that’s the case, the staycation will be practiced, with UK tourism relying on the British public to enjoy what is on the door step, if you will.

Should I cancel my summer travels?

The reality is that your summer travels probably won’t be going ahead. I’ve had my summer travels cancelled, but they were cancelled by the airlines and accommodation themselves. The best thing to do is wait for your airline to get in touch with you. They’ll be working through their list of flights, doing them by date. Your planned travels in August may be still scheduled, but you can safely assume it won’t be happening. What you can do now is replan for next year, but I would suggest a refund is better to have rather than a voucher offered by the airlines. The truth is, we don’t know if those airlines will still be around this time next year, unfortunately. And…we don’t know if we can even travel next year!

Now what?

Finally, the best thing to do is stay safe. Don’t go out. Stay working from home if you can. The more we listen to the lockdown rules, the easier things will be, and the faster we can try and control or get rid of this virus. We won’t be able to fully go back to normal until the threat of this illness has gone. Therefore, the best thing to do is wait and see what happens. Plan future travels, but don’t go booking anything for this year just yet.

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