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Should I travel this summer?

Visit Wales, the Mumbles, Swansea
Should I travel this summer?

Should I travel this summer?

It’s a question you’ve been asking yourself: should I travel this summer? It’s easy to think that travel is out of the question for 2020. The pessimists amongst us might even say that travel next year is out of the question, too. But it’s true that travel isn’t completely ruled out. It just means travel as we once knew it might be out for the foreseeable future.

So, should we travel this summer? The answer is simple: if you feel like you will be safe to do so, then yes. We should travel this summer.

But where?

Staycation. Lonely planet. Coffee. Olympus.
The staycation

Europe is opening once again. Countries that were once so badly affected are now allowing travel within Europe. It means that people can now cross borders, and explore their next door neighbours. The UK, badly affected by Covid-19, is a little bit different.

For people like me living in the UK, travel corridors are being announced. The need for self quarantine upon arrival and after the travel are not needed, if you’re going to a place that is part of the UK travel corridor. It’s a good way of boosting tourism, the economy, and many flight providers. But for people in Wales, it’s still unclear if we will be part of that travel corridor.

The Welsh Government have been easing lockdown differently to England. England have clarified when things are opening, and are allowing wider travel, whereas Wales is planning to allow travel again in July, and even then, it’s not clear if we can travel out of Wales, or if we can be part of the travel corridors established by the UK government.

So now what?

Visit Great Britain

The staycation

A safer way to travel in the UK is to practice the staycation. Personally, it is so easy to overlook what the UK has to offer. If you’re looking for tropical climates, which a lot of us are, then the UK doesn’t offer that. At least not often! So the temptation to now book a Spanish getaway or Italian holiday are strong. But the UK economy has struggled completely, and many local tourist hotspots need contribution, and will very much be relying on those wanting to stay at home, or at least in the UK.

It’s hard to plan ahead when things are so uncertain, but as more places open up, and safety measures are in place, it’s looking like there will be some form of travel and tourism this year. Where will you be going?

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