Hello! My name is Jack Strange. Welcome to my travel blog.

Let me give you some context. If you’re looking for huge travel pieces that are posted regularly, you might not get them here, at least, not in exotic locations. I’m not at luxury of having disposable income at my will, so I don’t travel often. Instead, I write about my home country of Wales, and I write about places I’ve been to in the past, or holidays I do manage to book.

When I’m not travelling? I’m a writer of fiction novels, so far murder mystery and horror, and so I’ll be writing about writing.

Living in Wales, I’ll be letting you know where the best places are to visit – from historic castles, to scenic national parks, from the best restaurants to the stories of hauntings and legends of Wales.

It’s going to be fun! It’s going to be honest. It’s going to be real.

Looking forward to it!

Jack xo

Instagram: @jackrunstheworld

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